Inside Out .... Outside In



Designers Today Editor Jane Dagmi teams up with Exterior Design Editor Waynette Goodson to address a hot new trend: the conjoining of interior design and exterior design. Today’s architects draw blueprints incorporating the all-important 5th Room—the outdoor space. So interior designers must be prepared to design the home in its entirety, both inside—and out! Thus, they’re tasked with bringing the outdoors inside through the use of nature and natural elements. Then they must seamlessly transition their indoor aesthetic to the outdoor area. Jane and Waynette find out from some of the top working designers today how they are bringing the natural world inside and introducing a true living experience outdoors. Complimentary lunch will be provided in the showroom following the presentation, and special gift bags for those in attendance! (0.1 CEU)

Panelists: Justina Blakeney, Kerrie Kelly, Rafael Kalichstein, Joshua Rose, Lori Paranjape, Waynette Goodson and Jane Dagmi.

Sponsored by OW Lee, presented by Designers Today, Exterior Design and IMC

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