Food for Foodies

Of course you can subsist on casino buffets, but Vegas also has an incredible food scene if you’re willing to venture out. Let us guide you!

If you haven’t noticed, the Steelyard team has a few self-professed foodies on board. And again, there is one word that applies here like it did with flights and hotels - choices. From casino buffets to truly high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone in Vegas. We won’t spend a lot of time on the well known places since, well, they are well known. But if you trust us, we might just lead you to a few hidden gems...Read More.

  • Bouchon Bakery (Venetian Hotel) - from NY to Sonoma to Vegas, if you have not yet experienced a chocolate almond croissant from this amazing French Bakery, we can say with confidence that your life is not complete. You can also dabble in more substantial tastes beyond pastries. Nothing Thomas Keller creates is bad. Trust us! 

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery

  • Grimaldis (multiple locations) - it is not fancy, but our resident New Yorker insists on eating here at least once on every trip to Vegas. While he is clear it is only about 60-65% as good as the original Grimaldis in Brooklyn, that’s good enough for him. Pro Tip - on Tuesday night’s at the Fashion Show Mall location, all wine is 50% off. Kick back with a good Barolo and some tasty thin crust pizza.

  • Thai Street Cafe (3137 Industrial Rd) - okay, this is where you need to trust us. This little Thai restaurant is tucked into a bit of a shady plaza behind the Trump Hotel on Industrial Rd. Surrounded by adult entertainment venues, a museum of blush worthy content, and other such places, it is a hidden gem. Authentic Thai food with some serious spice available. Warning - spicy means spicy! And their Thai iced tea is AMAZING. One note - they do not serve alcohol, but I am told it is BYO.

  • Triple George Grill (201 N. 3rd St.) - old school! This gem is downtown, and you will feel like you walked into 1950s Vegas. White tablecloths, a long wooden bar, and cloth napkins...truly a classic joint. Slip into one of the sleek booths and order a dirty martini while you start with a chopped salad and then go right for a steak. If you don’t walk out of here singing Frank Sinatra, we can’t help you!

Triple George Grill

Triple George Grill

  • Chinatown Plaza (4205 Spring Mountain Rd) - again, we’re asking for a little trust here since this is off the beaten path. But it actually is not that far from the Wynn, so a taxi or Uber can get you here fairly quickly. The restaurants in the Plaza offer it all - Korean BBQ, dim sum, Thai, and pho just to name a few. And you can have a very unique experience at many of them. Here are some of our favorites:

    • Aburiya Raku - this is a Japanese restaurant that is really good for sharing! Each month they feature three sakes from Japan, and they have choices for everyone.

    • Chubby Cattle - if you want really unique, you found it. Based on traditional Mongolian cuisine, the Chubby Cattle...are you ready for this...offers conveyor belt based hotpot. Yep, you read that right. Like we said, if you want to try something different, this is it.

    • Joyful House Chinese - while you won’t find conveyor belts here, you will find an upscale Chinese dining experience that has earned acclaim from the Food Network and Best of Las Vegas. We recommend trying their specials instead of your standard go-to Chinese.