LVMKT Travel Planning Checklist

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Market Insiders! It really is almost that time!

Travel Tips:

From flights to hotels, here is your Market Insiders guide to navigating Sin City!

Getting to Vegas is actually quite easy given the number of airlines that fly in and out. And with Vegas being pretty much 24/7, there are a lot of options to fly early, late, and anytime in between. Even better news is that…

LVMKT has arranged discounted airfares with several airlines - click here.

And when it comes to where to stay, you have a lot of choices. From on-the-strip to off-the-strip, with casino or without casino, and many other variables to consider, LVMKT has made it very easy to filter through choices and book everything in one place through a reputable booking partner - click here.

We have also heard from quite a few industry friends that they have had good luck with Airbnb in Vegas. After taking a look at available options, we only have one rule - if you book one of the party pads with a pool, bar, and other crazy features, please invite the Steelyard team over for the party!

And without further ado, here are some of our top travel tips for Las Vegas Market:

  • When to Fly - Saturday night is a big night in Vegas. Hotel rates are higher than other nights, it’s harder to get dinner or show reservations, and it is generally more crowded. So we actually prefer to fly in on Sunday morning. It may sound like a bad idea with Market starting on Sunday, but we catch an early flight from the East Coast and we are on campus by 10 or 11 am. So if you’re coming from the Midwest or West Coast, you can probably be on site in time for breakfast!

  • Our Favorite Hotels - we’ve been attending Market for a lot of years, so we have stayed in many different places. In full disclosure, we have not stayed downtown in old Vegas, but we have heard some great things about those hotels as well. The truth is, Vegas is built on tourism and hospitality, so you really can’t go wrong anywhere. But let us share our favorites for what it’s worth:

The Aria

The Aria

    • On-Strip with casino: Aria. While we aren’t known for sitting at the gaming tables for hours on end, we do like having the option. But the real reason we love the Aria has a lot to do with food. We start our day with flakey croissants at Aria Patisserie (no, it isn’t Bouchon...stay tuned, we’ll get there later), and you can often find us at Javier’s (full service) or Burger Bar (grab-and-go) if we want something quick as we get off the shuttle. Oh, and the rooms are quite nice too!

Robot Butlers at Vdara

Robot Butlers at Vdara

    • On-Strip without casino: Vdara. They bill themselves as the ideal balance of “access and escape” and that sums it up perfectly. Situated next to the Aria, you are in the heart of the strip, but there is no casino to walk through en route to your suite (it’s an all-suite hotel). And just like the Aria, there are a lot of dining options here, with Market Cafe Vdara being one of our favorites simply because they serve breakfast all day!

    • Off-Strip: Renaissance. There may be a few Marriott points lovers on our team, so we’ve also ventured off the strip to the Renaissance and it is a great experience. The hotel has a gorgeous and relaxing pool area, and we’ve been known to sip on cocktails on the porch swings at night. And for the athletic set among us, the gym is quite spacious and well appointed with options. There is one thing to consider, however, and that is that the LVMKT shuttles do not run to/from Market to the Renaissance, but Uber and Lyft are a click away.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance

Shuttles - the shuttles run by LVMKT are truly amazing, thus the note we made above about the Renaissance. Traffic into and out of Market can be crazy, including for taxis and ride shares. But we have had some amazing shuttle drivers zig and zag across the city to take us to and fro with no problem. Check the LVMKT site to identify the host hotels that offer shuttle service, and consider this your best option to get to and from Market. And pro tip - we will often take a shuttle from Market to the hotel closest to where we are going on the strip if we are going right to dinner from Market. It saves us a ton of time and planning even if we aren’t staying at that hotel!