Steelyard Exclusive Perks

Being a Steelyard member has its perks. From having access to the latest products from some of the most designer-friendly brands, to exclusive access to VIP events at Markets, we take care of our design community.

And now we do even more. Our brands are so eager to work with our members that they offer special incentives and perks. We’ll be rolling out quite a few more of these as Market gets closer, but let us whet your appetite with these first two:

Essentials for Living (B-600):

As Star International and Orient Express transitioned into Essentials for Living, we’ve seen first hand how the team from Essentials has jumped even more deeply into their commitment to the design community. With a dedicated Designer Care Program led by Jonathan Alkin, this is brand you will want to do business with.

And if you need even more of a reason, Steelyard members who place an order for the first time during Market will receive 10% off. Yes, you read that correctly - an additional 10% off just for being a Steelyard member. Email us at, or stop by the Essentials showroom to receive your coupon.

In the meantime, check out their iconic selection of rope chairs that you may want to consider saving 10% on at Market!


Pacific Green (C-394):

Handcrafted, sustainable, extraordinary - three words that describe this new Steelyard brand.

Did you know that artisans handcraft each of their pieces with the finest natural materials, including supple leather upholstery, hammered bronze, feather down fill, and polished coconut palmwood? Or that Pacific Green is celebrated for repurposing old growth plantation palms from the Fiji Islands into unique furniture masterpieces? And their inspiration is a commitment to eliminate mass deforestation in our planet's rainforests. Wow!

And now exclusively for Steelyard members, Pacific Green has waived their minimums. That means you can experience this incredible, exotic, handcrafted brand one piece at a time. Take a peek:

Sandy Hughes