Sinfully Great Rugs

“Well, you don’t know what we can find

Why don’t you come with me little girl

On a magic carpet ride...”

When we come to LVMKT, we always have rugs on our mind. No, not toupees! With incredible Steelyard brands like Rizzy Home, KAS, and Chandra, we always feel like we are on a magic carpet ride. So come along and see some of our favorites.

Rizzy Home (B-355):

Our love for Rizzy runs deep, from Donnie Osmond Home to their Connie Post collection. No matter what catches your fancy from Rizzy, it’s the people that stand out to us. Their team is inviting, friendly, and they just plain know their stuff. Their showroom is a must-see in Vegas!

KAS (B-175):

One of our favorite people in the industry is Libby Langdon, so we were off-the-charts excited when she launched a collection with KAS. And when we aren’t scrolling through her Soho and Hamptons collections, we’re putting on our surfer vibe and perusing Hang Ten - KAS’ latest licensed collection with the well-known surfing lifestyle brand.

Chandra (C-512):

Color, design, and beer! In our latest round of word-association, that’s what comes to mind with Chandra. When we step into their showroom, it’s usually around Happy Hour to enjoy a beverage with Ravi, but we are quickly enamored by the diversity of their line. Known for their lush handwoven textures, their designs can be party-playful, too!