Sinfully Great Cocktail Tables

As you stroll Las Vegas Market, you’ll often find yourself with a drink in your hand. Between the well-stocked bars in many showrooms, and the happy hours hosted on many floors, it just kind of happens. So we thought it would be helpful to know where you can find a good cocktail table to set your drink upon as you browse the best showrooms at Market.

Alas, many Steelyard brands make gorgeous cocktail tables, so this is no challenge at all. Here are some of our favorites from our brands that will be at LVMKT.

Sunpan (B-700):

Truth be told, we always schedule a glass of wine with our friends from Toronto during Market, so come by and join us. Their bar is fully stocked, and there are tables aplenty to set your drink upon. Plus they have an incredible trade program you’ll want to be part of and you can sign up on a touch screen in their showroom!


Gabby (C-1396):

Distinctive, compelling, and stylish - some of the best words we can use to describe Gabby. But those are also  the names of the last three “chapters” in the Gabby story. This is a must-see showroom at LVMKT for so many reasons, not the least of which is to meet the family behind this amazing brand. And here are some of the tables that can hold your drink while you walk the showroom!


Phillips Collection (A-202):

For thirty years, the Phillips family has brought us discovery and treasures. It is also one of the most fun showrooms to explore and hang out in at Market, and you can often find us in a seatbelt chair sipping a beverage. And thankfully, they too have plenty of tables on which to rest our beverages!


Essentials for Living (B-600):

We continue to be blown away by Essentials and their transition from Star International & Orient Express. As we told you last week, one of the coolest things is their commitment to designers. Come by and meet their team and dabble in their candy bar! These tables will work for holding your candy as well as your drink while you explore everything Essentials is doing.


Tritter Feefer (C-596B):

Unique and earth-conscious...that’s what Tritter Feefer brings to the table! Oh, and made in America too! Come by Salon West on C5 to explore these amazing tables and so much more.


Oly Studio (C-596D):

And while you are in Salon West on C5, stop by to see Frank at Oly. With that hip, San Francisco vibe, Frank and his team will take you on an amazing journey through their space. You won’t be disappointed!


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