Sinfully Great Everything

We have taken you through our top choices for outdoor, lighting, rugs, and cocktail tables. But those categories just scratch the surface of what's available at LVMKT, and they only cover a portion of the Steelyard brands that will be in Vegas ready to greet you with open arms. So let us wrap up our Market prep with our must-see items from even more Steelyard brands.

IMAX Worldwide Home (A-429):

Family-owned, and dedicated to designers...that’s the IMAX we know and love. Sourcing from a dozen different countries, IMAX brings you incredible choice in accent furniture and accessories. Plus they have an awesome trade program. Did we mention that if you are a Steelyard member and join their designer program, you get a free item (up to $100)? Bonus!


Interlude Home (A-224):

Refined, sophisticated, and fashion-inspired, Interlude Home brings you furniture, accessories and lighting that is extraordinary. You have got to see their showroom in person, but here is a peek at some of the items we love the most.


Kalalou (C-604):

Brand new to Steelyard, you may not know much about Kalalou. But they bring unique, fun, and fascinating to home accents, and they have a great story about how they work to improve the lives of those within the regions where they travel and work. So step off the escalator on C6 and learn about something new.


Mitchell Black (C-582):

Iconic wall art that is vibrant, and wall coverings that are sure to bring a smile to your face. With new 2019 patterns, you are going to want to meet our friends from Chicago. Lynai is truly one of our favorite industry people, and what she is doing in this category is so cool! Take a peek: