The Other Las Vegas: What "They" Don't Want You to Know

Vdara Boardroom

Vdara Boardroom

In the past we’ve had a lot of fun with “Sin City” clichés, but the truth is, there’s a lot more to Las Vegas than casinos, nightclubs, and big-ticket shows. So if you’ve not considered attending Las Vegas Market because you’re turned off by—or have outgrown— the casino culture, read on, because you’re not alone.

What people tend to forget is that Las Vegas is the #1 U.S. convention city for a reason, and it’s not because of the party scene, although that certainly doesn’t hurt! The fact is, when it comes to airfare, lodging, dining, and meeting facilities, few other US destinations can offer the level of accessibility, convenience, variety, and value to business travelers that Las Vegas does.

Aria Gaming Floor

Aria Gaming Floor

It’s truly easy-in, easy-out, and what the many paid “tourism bureaus” (like this one--looks really official, right?) don’t want you to know is that you can experience the best Las Vegas has to offer without ever stepping foot in a casino.

They don’t want you to know this because, quite simply, the more time guests spend in casinos, the more money they will spend during their Las Vegas visit. Not only does the house win, but so does everyone else connected to Las Vegas tourism. Which is why gaming hotels will do everything possible to force you through their casino morning, noon, and night.

Is there anything wrong with this? Of course not! Many of us at Steelyard HQ love the casino /Vegas Strip vibe and consider it a bonus to be able to start and end our business days there.

Vdara Meeting & Convention area

Vdara Meeting & Convention area

But for those of us who don’t, there are plenty of non-gaming hotels to choose from, and the bonus is that many are completely non-smoking as well (something you won’t find in many casino venues) . You can book them through the Las Vegas Market site here.

And you can compare all LVMKT lodging options here.

If you do opt for a gaming hotel while attending LVMKT, here are 3 things to keep in mind:


When everything else in this city is so relatively cheap, you’ll notice that, in most standard casino hotel guest rooms, there is usually no in-room coffee maker or complimentary… anything. And minibar and room service prices are disproportionately exorbitant for the real estate. After all, they—gaming hotels— don’t want you languishing in your room with your laptop when you could be downstairs in the restaurants and cafés that are oh-so-close to the 24/7 casino. The good news is, there’s free breakfast as well as multiple dining options & opportunities at the World Market Center, (more on that next week) and you can also stock up on complimentary waters before heading back to your hotel.


If you look and act like a no-nonsense business traveler at check in, just be aware that, in a gaming hotel, room upgrades will likely go to that squealing bachelorette party or eloping couple with trash bags for luggage instead of you, because they’re here to use the resort and you’ll presumably be off campus all day. We’re not suggesting you pretend to be a high roller and never buy a chip, but if you are planning to spend time and dollars in the resort, that’s something worth mentioning.

Vegas Vic  on Fremont

Vegas Vic on Fremont


Consider a gaming hotel in downtown Las Vegas rather than the Strip. It’s closer to the World Market Center and still has all the glitz, plus a lot more—it’s sort of vintage and new at the same time. You can book one through the Las Vegas Market site here.

The bottom line is that there are accommodations in Las Vegas to suit everyone if you know what you’re looking for. So check out your options on the LVMKT website and get it booked!

Sandy Hughes