Welcome to The LVMKT Insiders Blog Series, Summer '19 Edition!

The excitement of Las Vegas Market is different than any other...there are different vendors here than I’ve noticed at other markets … you still have vendors from all over the nation and international as well—but you get that West Coast flair that I need for my business, because I am Southern Glam, but I need that Hollywood Glam!”
— Shayla Copas, Shayla Copas Interiors

It’s time again to plan for Las Vegas Market, and we’re back with more tips, insights, and events not to miss. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be filling these pages with plenty of previews and recommendations for this summer’s Market, but first:

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  • If you’re still undecided about going, don’t let the Vegas clichés keep you away. You’ll at least want to consider this “one simple trick” ;) before making up your mind!

  • If you’re thinking of seeing a show, get the jump on what’s playing during Market here.

  • If you need to be reminded of why we all love to come to Vegas Market from everywhere in the country and beyond:


Are you pumped yet?? Good, because we’re just getting started!!

Sandy Hughes