The One Mattress Showroom in Vegas You Really Do Need to Visit


What’s with all the mattress Floors at vegas market??

Here’s the thing about Las Vegas Market: We all tend to skip whole sections of each building as being “not for us”. Housewares, tabletop, gift, holiday, and “lifestyle” buyers stick to the first 10 Floors of Building C and the Pavilions, and are in a completely different orbit than the furniture, lighting, and décor crowd, whose showrooms are scattered pretty much everywhere else.

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That latter furniture cohort is further segmented into mass-market resellers, residential interior designers, contract & hospitality specifiers, and that ever-growing “resimercial” space in-between.

The vertical design of the 10 and 16-story A, B, & C buildings and their notoriously slow elevators (would it be a major trade event without overtaxed elevators?) means that the most efficient way to get up and down the buildings is usually via escalator, where one can get a nice overview of how the floors are organized as you round-about the landing area of each floor.

Which is when new visitors usually start asking the question: What’s with all of the mattresses?? SO many mattress & bedding showrooms, so many mattress & bedding floors. In buildings A & B, they dominate the middle floors. In building C, there’s just one at the tippy top, which, with building C’s 3-5th floors being the premier designer-brand floors, will make more sense in a minute.

Turns out, The world needs a lot of mattresses


But back to the mattresses. Can worldwide demand possibly come close to absorbing the number of mattresses being exhibited at Las Vegas Market? How many different kinds can there be, and hasn’t that that whole industry been disrupted by the ones that poof up out of a box? How many mattresses does a person buy in a lifetime?

As it turns out, the answer to that first question is yes, because Las Vegas Market is THE national —if not global—B2B marketplace for bedding. It’s one of the World Market Center’s biggest single categories because Las Vegas’s #1 product is hotel rooms, and hotel rooms have beds. The world needs a lot of mattresses.


While all of this isn’t news if you’re an FF&E or OS&E specifier in the hospitality and contract space, it does put things into perspective for the rest of us who are more focused on residential, boutique, and resimercial applications. For major hospitality operations, guest room mattresses are usually classified as an operating supply (OS & E)— rather than a furnishing/fixture (FF & E), which gives you an idea of the volume and rate at which they’re purchased.

In short, B2H (Business-to-Hospitality; if it’s not already a term, we just made it one) mattress sales are a big part of the mattress industry, along with hospitality aggregators, mass retail, white-label, e-commerce & OEM suppliers. So if you’re a resimercial designer who offers the full package of mattress and bedding, it’s important to find mattress and bedding brands that cater to the designer channel and offer the best new technologies and standards for discerning clients.

mattresses and bedding for the designer channel

Find the  Oly Studio Leisl Bed  on C5, get the mattress on C15…

Find the Oly Studio Leisl Bed on C5, get the mattress on C15…

And the best place to start looking is Building C, Floor 15. Mind you, there are plenty of exceptions— not every designer-friendly mattress maker is on C15, and not every mattress maker on C15 is necessarily designer-friendly—but in general, if you are a designer and can visit only one mattress floor, C15 is well-worth worth the stop. (And you already have these C building showrooms on your list, so what’s one more floor?).

Once you’re there, please seek out the OMI showroom at C 1507 and/or C1515 and give their mattresses a look, if only to prove to yourself (and us) how a 100% organic product compares to conventional in terms of comfort and feel. It’s such a rare thing to find in the industry that we really want to know what you think. And the OMI team is a special bunch worth getting to know, so this is why we’ll say it again: it’s the one mattress showroom in Vegas you really do need to visit!

Sandy Hughes