Last Minute Tips & Weird Tidbits


There are certain little things you discover when you come to Vegas Market often enough, some more trivial than others, but all things we wish we had known before. Here are some random parting pieces of advice:

1) Make sure you refresh the LVMKT App on your device, or download it if you haven’t already.
Nothing's worse than realizing you need to retrieve your password just as you're hitting the ground running!

When walking between buildings be ready for a gust…

When walking between buildings be ready for a gust…

2) Something to keep in mind when packing: Even in the middle of summer, the courtyard between the 3 main buildings at the World Market Center can get weirdly windy at times. So if a wrap or short swingy skirt is in your wardrobe plan, you might want to wear your fanciest knickers underneath, because a lot of people in the courtyard could see plenty of both...


3) The A, B, & C buildings are close together, and zipping between them across the courtyard is a breeze (sometimes literally, see above), but if you can locate the walkways between buildings, it's possible to cover them all without ever stepping foot outside.

BUT if you're planning to go between the Pavilions and the main buildings at any point, be prepared for a short slog. Yes, there are shuttles to and fro, but not always when you need or want one, so be sure to wear those comfy trainers and plenty of sunscreen on your Pavilion-visiting day(s).

4) There is a direct Market-to-Airport Shuttle and it’s only $9. Who Knew? View and download complete airport and hotel shuttle information HERE.

Safe Travels All, and we’ll see you there!

Sandy Hughes