ZUO/Housetipster Industry Insight Panel - How to Adapt to a Changing Industry

Join ZUO and Housetipster for this lively discussion about How to Adapt to a Changing Industry, which will be moderated by Christopher Grubb, Founder of Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc.  Topic will cover the State of the Industry and how to adapt, change and thrive in a growing furnishings market. From how designers + retailers source trends, how magazines select and source features plus how each one selects individual brands. Diving deeper into the inside of how designers are adapting to change and how to diversify oneself while navigating your own branding + licensing deals. Panelists will include: John Erdos - Founder and Owner of Erdos + Ko, Andrea Guardiola – ZUO Décor Director; Nicole Davis – Editor in Chief of Lighting & Décor Magazine; and Barrie Livingstone – Designer & Real Estate Guru. Panel discussion will be followed by a cocktail hour with panelists in ZUO A442 showroom 5-7pm.

PCo-produced by ZUO + Housetipser.com + Arch Interiors + Lighting & Décor Magazine

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